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A Brief Introduction to Heilongjiang Institute of Technology

      Heilongjiang Institute of Technology is situated in Harbin, the famous northern city, consisting of three campuses, eastern campus, western campus and Songbei campus, covering an area of about 800,000 m2. It is a full-time multi-discipline institute, focusing on engineering, and undertakes common undergraduate education to cultivate senior specialized application-oriented talents. The institute holds the motto of “Knowing the Morality and Pursuing the Truth, Integrating Knowledge with Behavior”, and an education idea of “Application as Essence, Excellence as Goal”. The institute has its feet firmly planted in local region and expands to the whole country. It cultivates senior application-oriented talents specialized in the industry of transportation, surveying and mapping, automobile, mechanical electronics, architecture, and so on.

      There are 17 colleges (departments or centers), an Adult Education College, and a Vocational Technology College. The institute is well equipped with modern teaching facilities such as the the Yifu Library, the Engineering Culture Museum, the Lab Building and the Students Activity Center. At present, there are more than 13,000 full-time undergraduates and over 1,200 faculty members including some 830 full-time teachers, of whom about 470 are professors and associate professors. The institute has 53 undergraduate specialties in disciplines of Engineering, Management, Liberal Arts, Science, Law, Economics and Artistic Design. Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology, and Traffic and Transportation Engineering are the key construction disciplines of first provincial level; Surveying and Mapping Engineering is a specialty with characteristics at national level; Civil Engineering, Surveying and Mapping Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Traffic and Transportation, Engineering Management, Accounting and Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Its Automation  are key specialties at provincial level. There are also 1 Engineering Research Center at provincial level, 3 Key Labs of Colleges and Universities at provincial level, 2 demonstration centers for experiment teaching at provincial level, 2 university-enterprise co-construction research and development centers at provincial level, 4 Engineering Practice Centers at national level, 1 demonstration center for experiment teaching at national level, and over 130 on-campus and off-campus practice bases.  In the library, there are more than 1,000,000 volumes of books and nearly 1000 kinds of periodicals published at home and abroad. The journals of “Journal of Heilongjiang Institute of Technology”, “Surveying and Mapping Engineering”, and “Traffic Science & Technology and Economy” are issued publicly.

The institute keeps an open attitude, and takes active steps in educational exchange and technological cooperation at international level, establishing friendly inter-college relationship with universities in Germany, Britain, Russia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. Agreements of assigning overseas students and visiting scholars to mutual universities were achieved. The cooperations include the cooperation of research projects with Niigata University in Japan; a Training School applied with Toyota’s technology, authorized and financed by Toyota Corporation, which broadens the training with Toyota Corporation; the Base for Talent Cultivating with WESTRAC of Australia; the international cooperation in joint education with Greenwich University of Britain. 

      Founded in 1952, Heilongjiang Institute of Technology has cultivated almost 80,000 graduates nationwide. In the 21st century, the institute still keeps on exploring and practicing the mode of cultivating application-oriented talents, and puts forward many advanced points, such as “Four Developments”, “ Five Qualities” and “Engineering Culture Education”, which fits the development rule of higher education, the development demand of the economic society, the development situation of HIT, and the development rule of application-oriented talents. Since 2010, HIT has become one of the experimental pilots of a series of key projects, such as the Excellent Engineers Training Program(the 1st group) granted by the Ministry of Education, member university of the Education Ministry Project “Application-oriented-university Reform Strategy”, the CDIO engineering talents training mode, construction of the application-oriented undergraduate education with characteristics in Heilongjiang Province, the innovative experimental zone of talents training mode, and the comprehensive reform of higher education. The institute became one of “Typical  Examples of Top 50 Universities in 2012-2013 Graduate Employment Work” recognized by the Ministry of Education, and an example of “Campus with Culture” construction in Heilongjiang universities. It has won the titles of “Model of Provincial Institution of Civilization”, “Top 10 Harmonious Campus in Heilongjiang Province”, and “Demonstration of Managing the University by Law in Heilongjiang Province”.