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Teacher recruitment
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一、Foreign teacher’s employment conditions:
1. The teaching language is the foreign teacher’s native language;
2. The foreign teacher in native country obtained a bachelor's degree or above;
3. The foreign teacher should have some teaching experience (two years or above), or have TEFL certificate, can undertake the foreign language teaching and training tasks (including reading, listening, speaking, writing, English literature, IELTS, Tofu, professional foreign language), a clear specification, tone of voice;
4. Physical health;
5. The foreign teacher should have friendship with China, is willing to cooperate with colleagues;
6. In principle between the ages of 25 to 58 years old;
7. The foreign teacher who is working in other universities, can not be employed by HIT.
二、Hiring process
The foreign teacher to HIT for working must provide the following materials:
1.Resume (must provide the name, sex, nationality, date and place of birth, passport number, marital status, work units and the detailed address and contact way, education and work experience, to the school work period etc.);
2.The highest degree certificate, qualification certificate;
3.Recommendation letter from peer scholars, he/she need to provide the recommendation letter from the units responsible person if the foreign teacher works in China.
4.The health certificate
The foreign teachers need to China's embassies and consulates to receive the "physical examination record". Physical examination record should be original, and be posted photos, also have the doctor's signature and cover hospital chapter. The physical examination should be conducted in a public hospital, check the project including AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis, hepatitis B surface resistance source, C, and a chest X ray radiographs and the original single laboratory, laboratory reports, etc..
5. No criminal record
It must be issued by the local police station of the foreign experts.
6.Sign the "contract book” with foreign experts. According to Foreign Experts Employment Contract Management Regulations issued by the state foreign expert bureau (File No.118, 2011), employing units and long-term experts appointed (more than half) signed a contract. The contract should normally be signed in the experts or before taking office, in order to guarantee the normal work during the employment period. "Contract" must be the standard contract which is issued by the Bureau of Foreign Experts.