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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
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The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of Heilongjiang Institute of Technology is a unit integrating teaching and research. There are four divisions under the department, namely Social Work, Internet and New Media, Humanistic Education, and the Training Center of Humanities and Social Sciences. We have a team of faculty members who are full of energy, professional and dedicated. The current staff consists of 26 members, with 22 full-time teachers. We have 2 professors, 8 associate professors,9 lecturers and 3 assistants. All course coordinators have master degree, and 3 of them are pursuing PhD degree. 8 of the full-time teachers have certificates for social work, 6 have counselors’ vocational qualifications. A teacher has editing certificate and the other one has advertising certificate. In recent years, many faculty members have won various distinctions, such as outstanding teachers of Heilongjiang Province, famous teachers of college, excellent teachers, etc. The faculty has published 150 articles and 7 books and presided 47 projects of provincial and ministerial level. We have obtained 5 teaching and research awards. There are currently more than 200 students in the Social Work and the Internet and New Media programs.

Social work is a sunrise specialty in China. It is based on the development of our society in order to promote social services, and is committed to social justice. In recent years, China has accelerated the specialization of professional social workers. From2008 on, social workers have been required to have professional certification. At present, social work has much space for development. There are three main outlets for students majoring in social work. First, they can work in government for social management and social service. Second, they can work for various kinds of social organizations and institutions. Third, they can be employed by some enterprises and related departments. Students who received professional training can get positions in the social security sector, working in some organizations, but can also serve the public interest groups or NGO.

Internet and New Media is a new specialty created by the Ministry of Education in recent years. It focuses on practice and application. After receiving training in this specialty, students would be able to grasp the change of traditional media and new media fields, and understand the development of the Internet. This specialty requires that students know dissemination and marketing well, so that they can design and manufacture new media products. Eventually,they will be able to serve the Internet, telecommunications networks, radio and television networks, and other industries in which new media technology can be applied. After graduation, students can engage in publishing, e-commerce, R&D for new products, policy analysis and so on....