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Exchange Students Return Successfully From South Korean Jeju National University
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The third batch of intercollegiate exchange students from the Department of Economics and Management and the International Education Cooperation Center returnto China in early March after they successfully finish one semester’s study at South Korean Jeju National University.Our university has been sending outstanding students selected to South Korean Jeju National University for exchange program since 2012.


The office for International Cooperation and Exchanges has publicized the exchange program widely. The general workflow includes application, preliminary selection in faculty, the University’s review, admission and publicity, going abroad formalities etc. This year, a total of three students were selected to go to South Korean Jeju National University as exchange students. Before their departure, the teacher fromthe office of International Cooperation and Exchanges trained the students of security issues and foreign customs, bringing up learning discipline and other requirements to them, etc. The preparation was down to detail and laid a solid foundation for the students.


During the exchange program, our studentsovercame language difficulties and learned professional knowledge. Jeju National University also organized a variety of cultural experience and exchange activities. Thestudents used this precious opportunity not only to learn, they also arranged several visits to South Korean cultural cities in holidays to get a deeper understanding of the customs and history of South Korea. Among the exchange students were also students from the United States, Canada, Russia, Southeast Asian countries and other regions, so the exchange students also experienced a diverse culture.