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Life services
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Dining-hall: The Food Service Center of our institute is attached to Logistics Service Company, which includes three dining-halls( No.1 Students’ Dining-hall, No.2 Students’Dining-hall, No.3 Students’ Dining-hall). Opening hours of No.1 Students’ Dining-hall:6:00-13:00,16:00-18:00; Opening hours of No.2 Students’ Dining-hall:10:00-21:00; Opening hours of No.3 Students’ Dining-hall: The first floor 6:00-13:00,15:30-21:00; The second floor 10:00-21:00; The third floor 11:00-13:00.

Bank: The ATM of China Construction Bank is on campus, on the first floor of teacher’s apartment building which is in the middle between section A and section B  of the main building, and is connected with Cards Service Center; China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Bank of Longjiang, Harbin Bank are all near the institute.

Swimming Pool: The swimming pool of HIT is located in No.11 Student’s Apartment, which is a modern professional stadium of swim teaching, training and competition. The water depth of the swimming pool is 1.3-2 meters with 10 swimming lanes. The swimming pool guarantees good water quality and temperature all the time.

Recreation and Sports Activities Center: The Recreation and Sports Activities Center is a six-story building with the following rooms: Basketball Hall, Tennis Hall, Martial Room, Yoga Room, Table Tennis Room, Aerobatics Room, Dancing Room, Roller-skating Room, etc. The playground has standard 400-meter-race plastic track, an artificial turf football pitch, a field competition site for javelin, discus throw, high jump, etc.

Hospital: The institute has a hospital and the Taiping People’s Hospital and some other comprehensive hospitals are also nearby.

Transportation: The Dongzhi Road school gate is close to the HIT Station of Harbin Metro Line No.1, which is going to Harbin East Railway Station, No.1 Hospital of Harbin Medical University, No.2 Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Qiulin Department Store, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Heilongjiang University, Costumes City, etc. There are two public transportation stations with more than 10 transportation lines nearby, which is convenient for going out.

Post Office: The post office is 500 meters to the east of Dongzhi Road gate,and overseas students can post or receive things with personal passport.

Key Telephone Numbers:

The thief alarm telephone: 110

The fire alarm telephone: 119

Emergency center: 120

Institute Security duty room: 88028110

Institute hospital: 88028235

Institute International Cooperation and Communication office number: 88028737 88028560